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Civil Engineering
Civil Engineer Surveying

Residential, commercial and industrial developments

Urban & rural roads

Passenger & heavy vehicle routes

Pedestrian footpaths & walkways

Single and multi-story

Civil engineering


Axiom Consulting Engineers – Engineering your future.
Our civil engineering team at Axiom Consulting Engineers are committed to finding practical solutions to the design, construction, refurbishment and maintenance of the physical or naturally built environment.

Residential developments, industrial parks and leisure facilities, highways, byways and public works are our speciality and we enjoy working with clients, authorities, and other stakeholders to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Creating and managing sustainable urban redevelopment is a challenge that the team at Axiom Consulting Engineers are devoted to solving. Our Civil Engineering design and/or construction services include:

​​Bridges & supportive infrastructure


Sporting fields & arenas

Leisure facilities & parks

Dams & ornamental lakes

Rain water, storm water drainage & disposal systems

Building hydraulic systems
Hot & cold water reticulation, gas supply, fire safety, sanitary drainage, balcony & terrace drainage, down pipes & gutters, trade waste drainage and onsite water detention systems

Our Engineering  services also include:

Project management
Hydraulic engineering

Water engineering
Project Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence

Concept Planning & Reporting
Development Approval Assessment Reporting
Bulk Earthworks Design
Urban Planning & Renewal
Highway Engineering
Roadworks & Drainage
Water Supply Networks
Gravity Sewer Mains, Pump Stations & Rising Mains

Project planning

Planning for the future.
We have combined the expertise and experience to provide a wide variety of planning services and solutions. Our comprehensive knowledge of local, state and national government guidelines, policy and regulations enables us to quickly and efficiently evaluate the best way to achieve your project outcomes.

Our combined experience in strategic planning & development, land use & management and many projects involving complex application processes or appeals makes Axiom Consulting Engineers a valuable network of industry specialists. We regularly consult with local government networks and authorities, utility providers, community representatives and environmental organisations, contractors and assessors all of whom may become involved in your project at any stage along the way. Maintaining a sustainable and workable relationship with these representatives remains a priority for us at all times. 

Our staff enjoy the challenge of finding innovative and cost effective ways to minimise confusion and eliminate disruption. With intelligent, creative and strategic planning, we believe that every project is workable, sustainable and achievable. 


Our planning methodology incorporates a number
of key stages including:

Development and subdivision applications

Subdivision design

Project concepts and initiation

VCAT and Planning panel advocacy


Project de-brief and analysis

Our Planning services also include:

Strategic and statutory planning advice

Planning scheme amendments

Consultation and networking

Development due diligence

Image by Tom Rumble


Client briefing


Project scope


Consultation with stakeholders


Project design


Project costing


Initial approvals


Documentation prep and submission


Final approvals

Town planning
Image by Samara Doole

2D Flood Modelling

2D Flood modelling is increasingly being requested by Authorities and
clients to determine flood affected areas and how they may impact existing and future developments.

This type of modelling allows for far higher accuracy in its determination of flooding and enables Authorities and clients the option of being able to import the data directly into their GIS or Asset Management System. Typical outputs include depth, velocity, height and volume of flooding.

This data can then be utilised for any future permits or developments that may be required in that area.

Axiom Consulting Engineers offers expertise in this area Australia-wide and can undertake 2D Flood Analysis for any client from the smallest developments to large scale river systems.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call our office and we will be happy to talk further about the advantages of this advanced technology.

2D Flood Modelling

Providing support to the Mining Industry

Axiom Consulting Engineers were engaged to work side by side with a mechanical engineering firm who were designing a 10km conveyor belt system for an iron ore mine in northern West Australia. The mining company had decided it was more economical to transport the mined ore to their processing plant by overland conveyor as opposed to road transport. 

Works involved the Civil Engineering design of the earth formation upon which the conveyor is built including vehicular access and road linkages, a number of structures that are required to cross existing waterways, design of the crusher and head end earth pads with associated roads and sedimentation ponds.  

Further, a 2D flood model was produced to ensure the overland conveyor was free from flooding in 50yr event. The flood model covered an area of over 300 square kilometres.

Collaboration with the mechanical engineers throughout the project was detailed and frequent.  With the use of online viewing software, models, plans and drawings were able to be discussed and altered in an efficient manner without the need to travel between our offices (over 100km apart).

miners working
Mining support
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